The Korean Ladies’ Recovery Area ??????? are prepared in the 1919

On learning about the headlines of February Very first Independence Course into the Korea, 41 agencies of various branches of one’s Korean Women’s Association (KWA), that was created in 1913, fulfilled towards Nicaraguan weiblich March fifteen. They decided to regroup KWA toward Korean Reddish Cross. While they wished to utilize the name “Korean Yellow Mix”, brand new The state Section of Reddish Mix advised them one to “Korean” cannot be taken because Korea was not a separate country. Therefore, title “Korean Ladies Relief People (KWRS)” is paid abreast of. “Ladies” and you may “Women’s” was indeed interchangeably used.

  1. To simply help people who was basically injured from inside the March Earliest Versatility Direction and those who was basically wounded on the continued endeavor for freedom, and you can
  2. In order to maintain genuine Korean ladies’ reputation, chastity and you may decorum.

To have special occasions, KWRS people used light conventional Korean outfits (hanbok) and dressed in white headgear which have a purple mix. New yellow get across was KWRS’s representation. KWRS’s flag and you will membership certificate exercise a purple get across.

Photo out-of a member about Korean Women’s (Ladies) Rescue Area KWRS flag “discovered” about Korean Religious Church’s shop in the mid-eighties Subscription certificate of Korean Ladies’ (Ladies) Save Society (1) Membership certificate of the Korean Ladies (Ladies) Rescue People (2)

KWRS got the Main Committee deal with management employment in overseeing individuals part communities. The Main Panel was comprised of representatives from department organizations. Part representatives must be no less than 22 years old and you may capable of discovering and you will composing Korean and Chinese otherwise Korean and you will English. Twigs have been based on the isles additionally the Main Panel is based in Honolulu.

Colour Poster of Declaration out-of Versatility Bill regarding $five hundred throughout the Korean Freedom Army when you look at the Manchuria, 1921

That have $400 accumulated at its initial conference with the February 15, KWRS launched its earliest fundraising pastime a while in-may or Summer 1919. They customized and printed 300 duplicates of 24-inches x 30-inches color posters of your Declaration of Independence. Regarding the selling regarding posters which were posted from the Marketer Posting Company in Honolulu, KWRS produced a net profit off $dos,000. Outside of the total $dos,eight hundred, KWRS sent $800 towards Korean Provisional Government inside Shanghai and you can $step one,five hundred in order to Korea to greatly help those people injured in March Very first Movement. Proceeded fundraising jobs by the KWRS made it you can easily to transmit $500 to support the fresh Korean Freedom Military inside Manchuria into the 1921.

And increasing fund to meet up its business expectations, KWRS as well as promoted Korean culture because of the to present audio and dance software, and even staging a timeless event. Members authored dramas out of conventional Korean stories particularly “Hyonyeo Simcheong” (Filial Piety Simchdong) and you may “Pal Seonnyeo” (Eight Angels). KWRS staged dramas in the Honolulu as well as in outlying parts, along with jobs played of the players. Between serves, vocal and dancing were launched. In the shape of this type of cultural products, KWRS been able to make money away from ticket transformation.

This can be equivalent to $cuatro billion in the current to order well worth

The money elevated by KWRS by the end from WW II was indeed projected getting $two hundred,000. To start with, money were utilized to support group whoever members sustained during the the newest February Basic Versatility Movement. As date introduced, KWRS’ funds were utilized to help with new Korean Provisional Regulators for the Asia, the newest Korean Liberty Armed forces during the Manchuria and you will Chungking, Asia, Korean-language newspapers inside the Honolulu, and you may Syngman Rhee’s diplomatic projects during the Arizona, D.C.

The KWRS’s products to help mom country went on despite the end of WW II. KWRS collected certain save services and products and delivered them to Korea.

In 1947, KWRS went on save factors inside Korea of the committing a hope from $seven,000 to Lim Younger-shin ??? to determine an office for the Seoul. New $7,000 was accumulated regarding Honolulu part ($5,400), the new Wahiawa department ($step one,500) additionally the Hilo branch ($100).