Try and you may Instruments – Computing Social Behaviors

To document social behaviors that are available from inside the Trinidad and you can Tobago and therefore reducing translation and misrepresentation of these phenomena of the those maybe not established on society.


So you’re able to comprehend the social behaviours checked inside research, it is important to indicate how these types of behaviors were initially identified. For this reason as an element of the methodology i undertook an effective pre-data survey to understand social behaviours within Trinidad and you will Tobago, prior to proceeding to your opportinity for the current studies.

Determining Social Habits

In a semi-structured interview designed to identify cultural behaviour patterns of Trinidad and Tobago (Appendix 1) a stratified random sample of 52 respondents were chosen. This sample was representative of the general population with respect to age, sex, ethnicity, social class, marital status and education [33].

Behavior try defined as “all the way of longevity of some body” and you will in it both antique techniques passed down out of generation to generation and you may definitions of modern personal behaviours. Interestingly, over fifty percent, 30 respondents (58%) believed religious or spiritual viewpoints and you will strategies since the not being area of people. A maximum of 9 (9) behaviours had been identified: Obsessional Lateness, Smartman Syndrome, Liming, Middle-age Indian Woman Disorder, Tabanca, Carnival Attitude, Devil Possession, Spiritual Travelling and you will Playboy Personality. A 10th actions, obeah, are excluded since 62% sensed it absolutely was and additionally widespread in other Caribbean places.

Through quota sampling, a new sample of five hundred and thirty-six respondents (N=536) were administered a questionnaire that gathered self-report data on Trinidad culture (the nine behaviours identified). The sample population was similar to the population distribution of Trinidad and Tobago with respect to employment, religion, ethnicity, gender and social class [33]. The questionnaire collected data on the following:

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Data was gathered along the variables of age, sex, ethnicity (Afro-Trinidadians, Indo-Trinidadians, Mixed and Other), nationality and social class (low, middle and upper). Ethnicity or an individual’s ethnic group was determined on the basis of the following criteria: (1) having at least three out of four grandparents belonging to the same ethnic group or if criteria (1) was not met, they were then categorized as Mixed. The Mixed ethnicity refers to individuals who are the resulting offspring of a union between two different ethnic groups and usually have distinctive physical traits that mark him from both parent ethnic groups, but may also possess some characteristics of manner, thought and speech, which are derived from both lines of ancestry. The ethnicity category of Other includes those individuals who cannot be placed in the ethnic categories of Afro-Trinidadians, Indo-Trinidadians and Mixed. They also belong to ethnic groups that comprise a small percentage of the total population of Trinidad. e.g. Chinese, Syrian and Caucasian. Social class was derived using both occupation and income brackets as described by Meltzer et al. [34].

Attention to actions

Which changeable is actually dichotomous and you can respondents was indeed requested if they had have you ever heard of each and every of the 9 behaviours. The new reaction place was sometimes “yes” otherwise “no”.

An explanation of your own actions

In the event that good respondent are conscious of a specific habits, they certainly were expected provide a quick description of one’s conduct, condition whether it is an entity or perhaps not, while it’s from the one kind of periods. The new meanings of behaviors had been then coded into the several groups of the one or two raters. It ought to be indexed the programming of descriptions had been done twice making sure that there would be inter-rater reliability.

Effect of the habits to be section of Trinidad community

The new reaction put was once more both “yes” otherwise “no”. Participants have been wanted each one of the 9 behaviours whether or not they identified that it is the main society sexiga unga kvinnor frГҐn Frankrike out-of Trinidad and you can Tobago.