Name distinctions: Katherine or Catharine; (Spanish) Catalina

English queens whose relationships in order to, and perhaps deaths as a result of, Henry VIII lead to the fresh beginning of your own Church from The united kingdomt plus one of the most extremely the most famous epochs throughout the United kingdom monarchy. Catherine off Aragon (1485–1536). Foreign language little princess, renowned to possess their own piety, self-respect, and you can fuel out-of reputation, who was queen off England and you may wife regarding Henry VIII getting 24 years. Knowledgeable in the Spanish regal courtroom; betrothed to Arthur, prince off Wales (1489); widowed (1502), lived in privacy and poverty for the following eight decades; acted because regent having Henry VIII (1513); experienced Henry VIII inside the courtroom and you can appealed separation and divorce so you can Rome (1529); banished off judge (1531); divorced away from Henry VIII by Archbishop Cranmer (1533).

Lady-in-waiting around for queens Catherine out-of Aragon and you can Anne Boleyn; started initially to have the attentions of Henry VIII (1535); passed away after giving birth to help you Henry VIII’s merely Provjerite moj izvor men heir (1537)

Boleyn, Anne (c. English king who precipitated brand new English Reformation and you will gave birth in order to England’s most famous queen, Elizabeth I. Label differences: Nan Bullen. Pronunciation: Bowlin. Produced inside 1507 (specific sources cite 1501) someplace in England; done may 19, 1536, in London area; daughter regarding Thomas Boleyn (an effective diplomat-courtier) and you may E Howard (d. Seymour, Jane (c. 3rd spouse out-of Henry VIII just who offered beginning on the king’s just male heir, Ed ward VI. Pronunciation: See-significantly more. Created up to 1509 (certain supply cite 1506) for the England; died from puerperal fever within Hampton Legal to the Oct 24, 1537; daughter away from Sir John Seymour (a beneficial courtier) and you will Margaret Wentworth (d.

Anne out of Cleves (1515–1557). German royal, who was temporarily partnered so you can Henry VIII and you will existed the rest of their particular life during the The united kingdomt while the king’s “a beneficial sister. Young, headstrong lady just who grabbed the center of your own aging Henry VIII and you can turned his 5th wife. Born between 1520 and you will 1522 from inside the Lambeth, England; beheaded to have adultery and you can treason into the February thirteen, 1542, on the Tower out-of London area; interred in the Church Regal, Tower out-of London; daughter out-of Lord Edmund Howard and Joyce Culpeper; first cousin off Anne Boleyn (1507–1536); married Henry VIII (1491–1547), king regarding England (roentgen. Parr, Catherine (1512–1548). Sixth wife of Henry VIII, whoever tact and you can intelligence enabled their to behave since the regent and you will nursemaid toward suffering king. Name variations: Katherine Parr. Produced into the 1512 within the The united kingdomt; passed away off puerperal temperature for the September 5, 1548, after giving birth so you’re able to a beneficial girl; child from Sir Thomas Parr out-of Kendal and you will Maud Greene Parr (1495–1529); married Edward Borough, in 1529 (passed away 1532); married John Neville (1493–1543), third Lord Latimer, within the 1533; partnered Henry VIII (1491–1547), king away from The united kingdomt (r.

Born towards the December 16, 1485, in the Spain; died from malignant tumors to the January 7, 1536, inside Kimbolton, England; child from Isabella I (1451–1504), queen of Castile, and Ferdinand II, queen out of Aragon (r

Widowed double before marrying Henry VIII (1543); acted once the regent (1544); blogged and you can wrote spiritual treatise (1545); debated with Henry over religious points and you will try almost convicted out of heresy (1546); Henry VIII died (January 1547); had written 2nd religious treatise (1547). Chose products: Prayers and you may Meditations (1545); Lamentations off an effective Sinner (1547). Henry VIII is one of England’s most well-known kings. Most of their character and you will glory sleeps through to the fact that he chose none, however, six women, to be his spouse during the period of their 38-12 months reign. Of these six spouses, he divorced one or two, a few more had been carried out by his demand, and one outlived him. Each of their wives, save maybe Catherine Howard, displayed cleverness, self-respect, and you can work during their marriage towards the irascible and you will headstrong Henry.